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WYG & McSquared Dichro Rainbow Dotstack Spinner Set (UV)

WYG & McSquared Dichro Rainbow Dotstack Spinner Set (UV)

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- A collaboration between McSquared and Who's Your Gaffer (WYG). Beautiful dichro coated rainbow dotstacks made by WYG, and incredibly clean shaping by McSquared.

- This spinner features dual uptakes and double marias on the mouthpiece.

- A rainbow dot stack is found under the joint with an opal sphere at it's center.

- On the front of the piece is a stunning dichroic coated rainbow dot stack marble with a UV-reactive backing, which glows neon green under UV light. Peer into the Illuminati world.

- Ti signed and dated by both artists.

- Perc: 5-hole shower head

- Joint: 10mm

- Height: 9.25"

- Base Diameter: 2.75"

- This set comes with: a matching bubble cap and iso jar!

- Pelican hard case included.



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