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Whitney Harmon Chubby Bubblers

Whitney Harmon Chubby Bubblers

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Whitney Harmon Chubby Bubblers

- Each Chubby Bubby is completely unique! They all feature a variety of cane linework and different colored accents. Find one that suits your color palate. 

- These pieces are insanely thick and sturdy. Just look at the cold-worked cross section of the mouth piece for a clue at the 7mm thickness.

- Gold fumed 10mm removeable 1-hole downstem. The hole is located on the side of the downstem, giving these babies a serious chug.

- Ti signed and numbered on the base (#115, #116, #117)

- Height: 4.75"

- Base Diameter: 1.75" 

- Pelican hard case included.



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