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Telemagenta and Citrine Hydra Recycler

Telemagenta and Citrine Hydra Recycler

Salt / Siren Apparatus

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- This incredible collaboration features Siren's signature Hydra recycler shaping, a complex dual chamber funnel! Combining stunning symmetrical form and game-changing function. 

Salt has completely decked this piece out in tentacles, suction cups and rows of super sharp teeth. Almost like a mandala, each part of this piece shows balance and symmetry. 

- Made with Telemagenta. Accented with Citrine (uv-reactive) sections, glowing neon green.

- Comes with a removable eye plug for the joint to complete the aesthetic of the piece when not in use.

- Ti signed and dated.


Product specs

Joint: 14mm

Height: 7 in

Width: 5.75 in

Depth: 4 in



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