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Steve H Rainbow Burst Bubble Caps

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- Steve H Bubble Caps featuring his signature Rainbow Burst doticello!

- This batch of caps contains single colors as well as space fume, crushed opal, CFL and UV-reactive colors.

- Select colors have both the white and black version of the Rainbow Burst available.

- Each cap is approximately 2.25" long, 1.25" wide.

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1) Pastel Serum (CFL - pastel yellow in daylight, pastel pink in fluorescent light)

2) Serum (CFL - transparent yellow in daylight, transparent pink in fluorescent light)

3) Terps (CFL - yellow in daylight, orange in fluorescent light)

4) Sunset Slyme (CFL - slyme green in daylight, milky peach in fluorescent light)

5) Antidote

6) Atlantis

7) Illuminati White (UV - glows neon green under UV light)

8) Illuminati Black (UV - glows neon green under UV light)

9) Crushed Opal Black



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