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Shack Man CFL & UV Perched Owl Rig

Shack Man CFL & UV Perched Owl Rig

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- CFL and UV reactive accents in this piece! Check out the first three photos in this series to see the shift. 

- A perched owl with glowy orange eyes, log eyebrows and tail feathers. The owl and the base of the joint is made with UV-reactive Illuminati, which glows neon green under UV light. 

- The body and joint of the tube is made with Shack Man's signature mille chip stacks in a funky chevron design! A little owl mille peaks out from behind one of the chips. 

- Gold Amethyst, Nightshade and CFL-reactive Serum encalmos are found on the body of the tube. Serum shifts from yellow in daylight to pink in fluorescent light.

- A white opal encasement rests between the feet of the owl.


Joint: 10mm with 3-hole showerhead perc

Height: 6"

Base Diameter: 2.25"

Ti signed.

Pelican hard case included.



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