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Scomo & Kovacs UV Scribble Spinner Caps (various colors)

Scomo & Kovacs UV Scribble Spinner Caps (various colors)

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- Kovac's signature bubble spinner cap design, will send your terp pearls into a vortex! 

- Made with Scomo's signature UV-reactive scribble tech. Illuminati stringers glow green under ultraviolet light. 

- Matching colored cores. 

- Each cap is unique in scribbles and some also feature a crushed opal coating, which glints beautifully in the light. 

 Length: 2.2 in

Width: 1.2 in

Ti signed and dated. 


1) Pink, orange

2) Crushed opal, purple, blue

3) White, green, blue, purple

4) White, pink, blue

5) Crushed opal, green, purple, blue

6) Yellow, orange, pink

7) Pink, purple, orange, yellow

8) Blue, yellow

9) Green, purple, blue

10) Crushed opal, blue, green



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