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Salt & Pakoh

Salt & Pakoh "Whatever Fuels Your Ride Make Sure You're Filling The Tank"

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- Take a weird trip with this incredible collaboration between Salt and Pakoh. 

- This piece features a classic grey VW Bus made by Pakoh. Hands, feet, tentacles, teeth and a multi-faced wormy head sculpted by Salt. 

- The head of this creature has many faces. The face it shows will change depending on the angle you are viewing it from. 

- Fantastic green, blue and purple eyeball murrine. 

- The transparent windows allow you to peer into the function! Watch the bubbles and smoke fill up the Bus. 


Joint: 10mm 3-hole downstem

Height: 4.9 in.

Width: 4.25 in.

Depth: 5.75 in.

Ti signed and dated by Salt.

Pelican hard case included.



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