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Salt & Nobody Purple Lick Dichro WarpWhip

Salt & Nobody Purple Lick Dichro WarpWhip

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- A stunning collaboration between Salt and Nobody Glass using Nobody's Purple Lick dichro for the body of the creature. Sculpting and assembly by Salt. 

- The gill perc travels from the joint and actually is integrated into the arm of the creature. Wow!

- Gold Amethyst accents on the joint, arm, and horns. Dark Ether barnacles and face parts.

- Icy fade eyeball murrine.

- Salt's amazing WarpWhip design features a concave cone base combined with the one-sided gill perc creates the stunning whipping whirlpool function!


Joint: 10mm 2-hole downstem.

Height: 6 in.

Base Diameter: 2.75 in.

Ti signed and dated. 

Pelican hard case included.



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