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Ryder Dual-UV Cat Tee Telemagenta Tripster

Ryder Dual-UV Cat Tee Telemagenta Tripster

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- This Tripster is made with UV-reactive colors layered over another color for extra pop in daylight or UV. He's rocking on with his trippy cat tshirt on!

- Lucy (UV) over Telemagenta is used on the hair, tongue and cheetah spots. Lucy glows neon pink under UV light.

- Nova (UV) over Antidote is used for the t-shirt. Nova glows bright yellow under UV light. 

- Two opal coin earrings and a stunning opal tab on his tongue. 

Joint: 10mm removable 2-hole downstem

Height: 6"

Width: 4"

Depth: 4"

Ti signed and dated.

Apache hard case included.



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