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Quartz Finger Banger + Pearls

Quartz Finger Banger + Pearls

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- The original Finger Banger!

- No cap required to take a rip out of this banger, simply use your finger! Use the "cold start" method by dropping your material into the banger first. Heat up slightly until you see bubbling and vapor. Put your finger over the top of the banger to and allow the air flow to directly intake from the air holes near the base of the banger. Your pearls will spin like crazy!

- The extra long banger design in combination with the "cold start" method will make sure that the top of the banger never gets hot so your finger stays safe! Pro tip: torch the banger from the side, not from below.

- Perfect design for on the go or for someone who wants to simplify their routine. 

- Made with high quality American quartz. 

- Comes with a set of terp pearls so you can get spinning right away.



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