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Pyroscopic "Once Upon A Time In Krushmore" Book

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- "Once Upon A Time In Krushmore" is a photography book will all original photos by Pyroscopic. 

- 5.5" x 8.5"

- Over 350 pages.

- Over 70 artists featured. 



“Instant Classic.” -Slinger

“This Book has a history. I really want it.” Rose Roads Kojima

“I can’t wait to see your book.” -Takao Miyake

“So much histories in this 23mm thickness.” -Akio

“I really like the way the pages feel.” -Bob Snodgrass

“Huge congratulations to my dude Pyroscopic for completing and sharing this awesome piece of our counter culture.” -Big Country

“Good mail day.” - Royals Glass

“Love the idea behind this book. Truly a walk down memory lane.” -Rosin Bro

“The book is absolutely incredible. Love the foreword and intro. It gets me hyped to work just looking at these photos.” -Samson Glass

“This guy is insane.” -Lot Comedy

“Not only is Connor the next Jim Carrey; He is also Leonardo DaVinci” -Sally Jesse Raphael



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