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"Ho'opoaiapuni Wai Mea" Purple Gelato and Dichro Layback Recycler

Salt / OG Tubes

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 - Named "Ho'opoaiapuni Wai Mea", translation "recycling water object"

- Layback dual-uptake recycler featuring OG Tube's rainbow dichro all over.

- The uptakes, down takes and base have been fully "saltified" with suction cups. Rows of teeth frame the down take and faceted cab.

- Faceted mouthpiece, joint and opal fume cab. Opal coin accent on top of the piece. 

- Purple Gelato (cfl-reactive) accents shift from yellow in daylight to pink in fluorescent light.

- Textured coral and seaweed details.

- Custom 12 hole slitted stringer Perc for maximum bubbles!


Product specs

Joint: 10mm

Height: 9 in

Width: 3.25 in

Depth: 5 in



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