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Justin Carter UV Ten Strip Tech Slurper Set

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- Justin Carter's signature Ten Strip Tech, now available as Terp Slurper accessories. 

- The psychedelic marbling of color will truly take your eyes for a spin! 

- Hidden marbling of UV-reactive Illuminati glows neon green under ultraviolet light. 

- Each set comes with: 1 large marble, 1 guard/valve marble, 1 terp pill, 2 terp pearls.

- Ten Strip Tech on each set will vary slightly and may not look exactly like the photos.


Marble Diameter: 24 mm

Guard/Valve Pearl Diameter: 10mm

Pill Length: 15-17 mm

Pearl Diameters: 6-7 mm

Signed and dated on the display case.

Pelican hard case not included, contact us to add one on.



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