Joe Peters & Aquarius Droid Honeycomb Gory Skull with Serum Accents

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- A collaboration that will undoubtably turn heads at every sesh! It features an amazing combination of styles and attention to detail. Dripping honeycombs by Joe P and skull shaping and realistic eyeballs by Aquarius.

- This Droid Skull features Black and CFL-reactive Serum robotic attachments. Serum shifts from yellow in daylight to pink in fluorescent light.

- Gory veins and a dripping fumed honeycomb section on the forehead.

- Tiny bees flutter about on this piece. Gory realistic eyeballs decorate the back of the neck and body of the tube.


- Pelican hard case included.

Joint: 10mm removeable Serum 2-hole downstem.

Height: 5.75"

Width: 3"

Depth: 3.5"

Base Diameter: 2.75"



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