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J Smart Gold Ruby and Crippy Meda-Frog

J Smart Gold Ruby and Crippy Meda-Frog

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JSmart Gold Ruby and Crippy Meda-Frog

- This mediating frog sits crossed legged and grasps a beautiful floral implosion marble between it's hands. The marble is cold worked in the front for the perfect view window.

- Made with a gorgeous contrasting colors, Gold Ruby and Crippy.

- This frog is perfectly content and at peace. It might be because his belly is full of a couple flies, resting on the downstem.

- 5.25" tall, 5" across, 4.5" front to back.

- 10mm fixed joint with 3-hole perc.

- Ti signed and dated.

- Free shipping within a Pelican hard case.



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