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Dillinger UV Rainbow Remix Chaos Mini Tube Set - 1

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Dillinger UV Rainbow Remix Chaos Mini Tube Set

- This incredible set includes: Two fully worked removeable downstems, matching bubble cap and Dillinger mat.

- This chaos-style tube is heavy handed with layers of fume, thumbprints, cane, rainbow wigwags, and a UV-reactive Illuminati fade.

- Illuminati glows neon green under UV light. Watch the entire piece come to life!

- 10mm removeable 2-hole and 10mm removeable 3-hole downstems.

- Height: 6.5"

- Base Diameter: 2.75"

- Ti signed and dated.

- The matching bubble cap features an Illuminati fade, thumbprints, rainbow wigwags and a few millis.

- Pelican hard case included.



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