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Crux Nightshade and Brozay Retti Rebubbler

Crux Nightshade and Brozay Retti Rebubbler

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- The Rebubbler is a combination of a recycler and a bubbler. The water flows through the chamber and through the donut, up the dual uptakes, and then down through the center of the donut. 

- Made with Nightshade and Brozay.

- The neck, donut and body of the piece is accented with retticello of yellow, orange and red.

- Horns sprout up from the base of the Rebubbler. The horns have matching pastel gradient linework within them.

- A beautiful Brozay dichro marble sits on the base of the piece, next to a flashy white opal coin.

Joint: 10mm removable 3-hole downstem

Height: 8.75"

Base diameter: 3.25"

Pelican hard case included.



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