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Crunklestein UV Beaker Roadie Deluxe

Crunklestein UV Beaker Roadie Deluxe

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- Crunklestein (Cap'n Crunk) UV Beaker Roadie Deluxe

- This Roadie Deluxe is accented on the lip, joint and downstem with Black. It features a mash-up style of milli chips and fume sections, for a heady patchwork style!

- UV-reactive milli chips glow neon green under UV light.

- Roadie Deluxe's are known for their incredible weight. These babies are extra thick and carry that extra touch of the Capn's love!

- Ti signed on the base.

- Pelican hard case included.

Joint: 10mm

Height: 5"

Base Diameter: 2.5"



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