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Crunklestein Slurper Marbles (Single) - various designs

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- Milli slurper marbles in various designs, such as a butterfly, mushroom and cannabis leaf just to name a few. *Use the drop down menu to toggle

- Many UV-reactive marbles glow neon green or orange under ultraviolet light.

- Works on Slurper and Eross Tourbillion style quartz.

- Each marble comes with a custom laser-engraved 1.25 in Crunk Box for safe keeping.

- Sold as singles.

- Diameter: 21 - 25 mm


1) UV Yellow and Blue Mosaic

2) UV Skull-Spotted Red Mushroom

3) UV Abstract Yellow Mosaic

4) Blue and Yellow Mosaic

5) Mosaic Paw Print

6) UV Rasta Chevron

7) UV Ring B&W Mosaic

8) UV Yellow Mosaic

9) UV Blue Skull

10) UV Grey Yellow Skull Mosaic

11) UV Green Orange Brown Mosaic

12) UV Butterfly

13) UV Orange Yellow Brown Mosaic

14) UV Rasta with White Chevron

15) Classic Skull

16) UV Blue Mosaic



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