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Coyle & Hubbard CFL & UV

Coyle & Hubbard CFL & UV "Saru-Jiru" Pendant

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- Coyle & Chris Hubbard collab Pendant entitled "Saru-Jiru" made with CFL-reactive Potion and hidden UV-reactive Illuminati accents.

- This pendant features a classic Coyle monkey head sitting in a juicy wigwag cornucopia, overflowing with terps!

- CFL-reactive color Potion changes from misty grey in daylight to deep purple in CFL light! UV-reactive Illuminati glows green in the wigwags under UV light.

- A colliding of styles -- monkey meets juice!

- 2.75" tall, 1.75" wide, 1.9" deep.

- Ti signed and dated on rear by Coyle.

- Free shipping within a Pelican hard case!



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