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Crunklestein & Phil Siegel

Crunklestein & Phil Siegel "Lani Lani" Chameleon with Removable Tongue

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- "Lani Lani" meaning night sky, or heavenly sky in Hawaiian.

- This stunning collaboration chameleon between Crunk and Phil features a mixture of Phil's crushed opal night sky prep and Crunk's milli chip stacks. Stunning.

- This chameleon is a warrior of the night, he reaches out and strikes the moon with his tongue! The tongue is completely removable. 


Joint: 10mm

Height: 11"

Width: 3"

Depth: 6"

Dabber Length: 13.5"

Pelican hard case included.

 - Signed by both Phil Siegel and Crunklestein.

Photo credit: @iamjeffdimarco


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