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Clayball & Shaggy Syzygy

Clayball & Shaggy Syzygy "Spring Recycling" + Drop Down + Pendant

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- This amazing recycler collaboration between Clayball and Shaggy features woodgrain and branching cherry blossoms, made by Shaggy. Superb shaping by Clayball.

- CFL-reactive Sygyzy accents throughout the piece shift from yellow in daylight, to pink in fluorescent light. 

- The piece comes with a matching cherry blossom drop down, which also shifts the piece from a 10mm male to 14mm female. The banger will then conveniently sit comfortably away from the mouthpiece. 

- A tiny removable cherry blossom bud sits in the mouthpiece.

- A matching cherry blossom pendant also comes with the piece. 


Joint: 14mm male + 14mm female drop down with 4-hole inline.

Height: 9.5"

Width: 5.25"

Depth: 7"

Ti signed by both artists.

Pelican hard case included.



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