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Crippy Unobtanium Wigwag Opal Tube

Crippy Unobtanium Wigwag Opal Tube


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- This tube features a brand new variation on Blueberry503’s Unobtanium Nail Polish rewigs. A mixture of green fade wagged into the Unobtanium linework. 

- Crippy accents on the lip, joint and base of the tube. 

- Large white opal coin flashes heavy pink, green, gold and blue. 

- Timeless bell-shaping for an elegant look and also allowing for killer function.

- Ti signed and dated.

- Pelican hard case included.


Product specs

Joint: 10mm removable 2-hole downstem

Height: 7.5 in

Base Diameter: 2.75 in



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