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BCM UV Fumicello Chillums

BCM UV Fumicello Chillums

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- Made with BCM's signature fumicello design, the gold and silver fume implodes through the retti, giving it such a unique look! 

- The fuming also features hidden UV-reactivity that glows under UV light.

- Each one features a fume implosion vortex or opal encasement, which not only looks beautiful but also stops your chillum from rolling while resting.

- These onies also double as a joint tips/holders, depending on the size of your joint or blunt. You'll need a substantial diameter to fit in snugly but we know that isn't a problem for many of you! 


Length: 7.5 - 8cm

Width: 2 - 2.5cm

Bowl Diameter: 9 - 10mm

Ti signed and dated.



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