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Azul Glass Chaplain Graffiti Pendant with Milli Bail

Azul Glass Chaplain Graffiti Pendant with Milli Bail

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- This pendant scene is made with Azul's Chaplain graffiti tech. 

- The "wall" is covered in a variety of milli chips: abstract designs, funky monsters, the words 'Life' and of course Chaplain faces.

- In the foreground of the scene is the silhouette of a man standing with a cane, a Kodama (tree spirit from Japanese folklore), a discarded spray can, a floating balloon and Friend Request milli. 

- The pendant is cold worked on the edges and corners for a clean, smooth, gem-like feel.

- The bail of this pendant is made with a rainbow section of mixed milli chips.


Length: 2.5"

Width: 1.55"

Depth: 0.5"

Ti signed.

Pelican hard case included.




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