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Azul Glass CFL and UV Chaplain Graffiti Tube

Azul Glass CFL and UV Chaplain Graffiti Tube

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- Made with a CFL-reactive Exp.55, which shifts from light raspberry in daylight, to bright magenta in fluorescent light.

- Such a great use of milli chips in this graffiti tube! The "wall" is covered in a variety of milli chips: abstract psychedelic designs, funky monsters, the words 'Life', and Chaplain faces! 

- Studio Ghibli characters like No Face are positioned around the tube, admiring the wall.

- The honeycomb milli attachment is also UV-reactive, and glows neon green under UV light.


Joint: 10mm removable 2-hole downstem

Height: 6"

Base Diameter: 2.7"

Ti signed.

Pelican hard case included.



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