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Aquarius & Stormin Norman UV Wook Skull Pendant

Aquarius & Stormin Norman UV Wook Skull Pendant

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- This insane pendant features a flesh-like tone and extending appendages. Whoa, talk about funky!

- A skull sits on top of the monster and is set off by two huge multi-colored milli eyes on either side of the mouth-like crevice, and one smaller milli eye on the top of the skull.

- UV-reactive Lucy accents are found around each eye. Lucy glows neon pink under UV light.

- A clear drip hangs off the bottom of the piece giving it an added illusion of wetness.

- Ti signed by both artists.

- Pelican hard case included.

Length: 3.75"

Width: 2.25"

Depth: 1.25"



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