Artist Update 1/20 • Pee Jay Taylor

Aquarius Opal Skull Brass Spoon Dabber

Aquarius Opal Skull Brass Spoon Dabber

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- This dual-sided brass dabber features a spoon tip on one end and spiked tip on the other. 

- Aquarius' signature one-eyed skull sits atop a curvy spine and the above the skull is a crown-like horned shape.

- An opal coin encasement on the forehead of the skull flashes blue, green and red. Each opal is unique in coloration and may not look exactl like the photo. 

- The magnet on the back allows this dabber to conveniently stick to any metal surface. 


Length: 12cm

Width: 3cm

Depth: 1.5cm

Imprinted signature.



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