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AKM Assorted Milli Chips

AKM Assorted Milli Chips

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AKM Assorted Milli Chips

- Each milli chips is packed with tons of incredible details, some even encompassing one milli within another. Wow!

- Some have UV-reactive details within the design and glow neon green under UV light.

- They come with a beautiful floating display case.

- Each one is unique in shaping and size, so please read the descriptions of each milli. Toggle the menu to see all available options. They are listed in no particular order.


1) AKM & EA Designer Tie Dye Double Skull with UV (16mm wide, 5mm thick)

2) AKM & EA Designer Tie Dye Double Skull with UV (15mm wide, 5mm thick)

3) Double Skull Collage (17mm wide, 3mm thick)

4) American Flag Honeycomb Skull (17mm wide, 2mm thick)

5) Double Skull Milli within Tie Dye with UV (16mm thick, 4mm thick)

6) Double Skull Collage (20mm wide, 5mm thick)

7) AKM & EA Designer Tie Dye Double Skull (15mm wide, 5mm thick)

8) Double Skull Collage (21mm wide, 4mm thick)



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