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Akihiro Flower Guard Terp Pearl (Single) - various designs

Akihiro Flower Guard Terp Pearl (Single) - various designs

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- Known for his super realistic floral work, Akihiro Okama blesses us with his first batch of terp pearls and the smallest marbles he's made to date. 

- Great for use as an XL terp pearl, or as a guard/valve marble in your Terp Slurper. 

- Lots of various designs available. While each design is virtually identical, each pearl varies very slightly and may not look exactly like the photo. 

- Some pearls have hidden UV-reactivity, which glows neon green under ultraviolet light.

Diameter: 10mm



4) Sakura over Black

6) Sunflower over Black

8) White Hibiscus over Red


12) White Hibiscus over Black



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