Akihiro Flower Guard Terp Pearl (Single) - various designs

Akihiro Flower Guard Terp Pearl (Single) - various designs

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- Known for his super realistic floral work, Akihiro Okama blesses us with his first batch of terp pearls and the smallest marbles he's made to date. 

- Great for use as an XL terp pearl, or as a guard/valve marble in your Terp Slurper. 

- Lots of various designs available. While each design is virtually identical, each pearl varies very slightly and may not look exactly like the photo. 

- Some pearls have hidden UV-reactivity, which glows neon green under ultraviolet light.

Diameter: 10mm


1) White Hibiscus over Illuminati (UV)

2) Sakura over Crushed Opal

3) White Hibiscus over Blue

4) Sakura over Black

5) Yellow Hibiscus over Illuminati (UV)

6) Sunflower over Black

7) Sunflower over Galaxy

8) White Hibiscus over Red

9) White Hibiscus over Fume

10) Pink Hibiscus over Illuminati (UV)

11) Pink Hibiscus over Red

12) White Hibiscus over Black

13) Pink Hibiscus over Fume



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