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2Ba & Dosh UV Dichro Meta-Terrania Sherlock

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2Ba & Dosh UV Dichro Meta-Terrania Sherlock

- This stunning sherlock was created in Dosh's signature DoshLock style with the twisted Cut N Flip fume section.

- Alex Ubatuba (2Ba) made the poppin' Dichro watered down Meta-Terrania prep, the dichro marble, opal coin attachment, and his classic Warlock horns. What a badass combo of styles between these artists!

- The Meta-Terrania has been watered down with UV-reactive colors Lucy and Indiglo. The Lucy sections glow neon pink, while Indiglo shines light blue under UV light.

- The carb is located on the front of the bowl, while looking down from the mouthpiece.

- Length: 5.5"

- Width: 2.75"

- Depth: 2.25"

- Pelican hard case included.



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