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Wicked & Ghost Bone Armored CFL Kraken + Crown and Flag

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- This insane collab between Wicked and Ghost is a fully bone armored Kraken, a true warrior of the sea.

- The Kraken is made with fully sandblasted Nightshade, for a gorgeous "sea glass" like appearance. 

- It features CFL-reactive Serum suction cups, which shift from yellow in daylight to pink in fluorescent light.

- The "crown" of the Kraken is removeable and sits inside the mouthpiece of the rig. The "flag" is also removeable and sits in the joint. A fully functional work of art that can act as a center piece of any table. 

- Black opal eyes flash heavy green and blue.

- 10mm fixed joint.

- Height: 7" 

- Height with Crown: 10"

- Width: 6"

- Depth: 7" 



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