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Wicked Sea Life Kraken + Trident Dabber

Wicked Sea Life Kraken + Trident Dabber

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- This Sea Life Kraken is completely unique and the first of it's kind. 

- It features many different types of coral, kelp and sea critters, which cover each tentacle of the Kraken. It playfully holds a brain coral-like ball in one of it's tentacles.

- A turtle, seahorse and crab also keep this Kraken company.

- Made with Rust, a gorgeously rich and opaque orange/red.

- Two black opal eyes flash heavy red and green.

- "WG" signature stamped into the base.

- 14mm joint.

- This Kraken comes with a matching sea life Trident dabber.

- Height: 6.75"

- Width: 6.5"

- Depth: 7.75"



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